07 May 2008

where've i been?

I apologize to all of the voracious Stem+Leaf readers. I have left you hanging with no recipes in forever, it seems, sporadic and sparse blog entries over the past month, no April newsletter, and overall lack of healthy lifestyle goodness.

It's been a rather interesting month of travelling, moving apartments, hunting for said new apartment (in East Williamsburg / Bushwick, Brooklyn!)which is barely four blocks to a library, and catching up on life in general. Not to mention that I've been sneaking as much outside time as possible on the days where it is too nice to be anywhere else. I soon hope that will be every day!

But! I'm back and full of new blog ideas and now that I'm beginning to get settled in my new place, I'm hoping to be cooking regularly and overwhelming you with culinary e-delights.

Additionally, if you haven't noticed I've added a few more things to the sidebar on the right-- links to all of the guest blogs, recipes, and super-current and relevant recommended article links or websites.

And for those of you who actually are voracious readers of this blog, you are awesome! Post a comment and show some love!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly, Aja, and I love it! I'm so glad you're back to blogging regularly because I've missed it. Just an example of how I use your blog in my real life-- Aaron and ask each other everyday if what we're eating is food or "not food," and it's really making a difference in the way we eat. Thanks for all the great information!


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