21 May 2008

what's new? (a lot!)

I have finally had some time in the past few days to begin to sift through the many emails in my many inboxes, catch up on some news, and read some new blogs. I've posted many of the worthy ones in the articles, links, and blogs lists on the right hand side of this page, but I wanted to bring a few to your attention.

food for your inbox
Like many of you, I'm sure, I subscribe to several daily or weekly newsletters. There are a couple however, that I want to be sure you know about:
-Vital Juice Daily, a colorful email blast with a short, holistic health-related tip or news, often with links to recipes, and comes in general, NYC, or LA editions.
-Ideal Bite, which will send you a fun-spirited eco-tip daily, with editions specific to several US cities.
[Both of these you can check out online instead of the mailing list, but I find the emails more convenient].

in the e-news
-New York Times included an article on food waste in the U.S. in comparison to food shortages in other countries, and the current rise in food prices. It's also got a photo illustration worth checking out. (photo illustration courtesy of The New York Times)
-Jetblue has just publically launched their green initiative, 'Jetting to Green', complete with an easy carbon-offsetting* hookup and mileage calculator with carbonfund.org, and a sweepstakes to win a Prius.
-Sierra Club's page 'A Pain in the Gas' which is full of gas-saving tips, news and info on the oil crisis, and clean-car info. The Sierra Club's blog, Scrapbook, also recently posted an article about Hawaii's recent landmark passage of a mandatory solar water heater bill.

blogs of note
-Wasted Food is a well written, informative, but wholly approachable and entertaining blog written by Jonathan Bloom on world food waste. A must read.
-The New York Times' blog, Dot Earth, on Climate Change is more wordy (as well it would be), but a wealth of information mingled with subjectivity- an ideal one-stop spot for global warming news.
-And for the dedicated foodies, Mark Bittman's (author of How to Cook Everything)food blog, Bitten, is funny, irreverent at times, and full of yum.

and a couple of green incentives
-If recycling on its own didn't make you feel good enough, in select cities, you can now get paid to recycle curbside. RecycleBank isn't available everywhere yet, but they're working on it. Their site also includes a lot of basic information on how recycling works anyway.
-Green Dimes will pay you to stop your junk mail. It's not much padding for your wallet, but you probably are tired of all catalogs and brochures and other junk from stuffing your mailbox only to go into the recycle bin, barely touched. So save a tree or two and let your mailbox be used for things you actually want to read.

*For those of you who aren't yet off-setting your carbon usage, it's actually remarkably cheap. For a roundtrip flight from NYC to LA, it's less than $9. That's not much extra to tack onto a flight. But don't forget about off-setting your vehicle and energy usage as well! Go to carbondfund.org to learn how.

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