17 May 2008

think less, do more: the 10-miler

So, there will at some point be a blog up here about how I thought less and did more of something that wasn't running, but for the time being, the most obvious way I've been employing this 'think less, do more' philosophy is in running races like crazy in New York. (This is my 3rd road race since April).

This past Sunday, I ran a TEN MILE women's race in Central Park! Yeah! I'd never run ten miles in a row before. I was pretty sure I could do it (I knew I could run 8), but I didn't feel very well prepared for it, having worked out scarcely in two weeks. BUT, I not only beat my 'slow goal' of 1 hour 30 mins, but also beating my 'ideal goal' of 1 hour 20 minutes. I ran it in 1 hour 19 minutes and 13 seconds! I placed 133 out of 1341 runners. And since it was Mother's Day, I ran for my Mommy!

It was a lovely day for a run. Sunny with a nice cool breeze, and tenderly warm in the sunshine. Around the 7th mile, I spotted a couple of runners near me that I would drift in front or behind of every once in awhile. There was another woman in bright pink further ahead that I was gunning to pass up by the end. Well, I didn't catch the bright pink runner (she picked up her speed quite a bit), but the last mile and a half, I was in a pretty steady race with a woman who would speed up and run beside me every time I picked up my pace a little-- oh that was incredibly motivating-- I like a chance to be competitive on that kind of level! But once I passed the 9-mile mark, I surged big time and was on the move-- leaving her her in the dust.

Nearing the finish, through the din of my headphones pumping fast-moving jams, I heard a man who was running along side the route say (probably *not* to me) "You're almost there! Only about 400 meters!" Thankful to this man, I began my sprint, and channeled my high-school track coach's yells and gave it a powerful finishing kick. This part of the route was the same as a 4-mile run I did last month, so I already knew that the finish line snuck up on you after a sharp curve in the road. I finished in great time, and hung near the line for a minute until the woman who was giving me a good race earlier crossed. I smiled at her, shook her hand and we exchanged a 'great race!' with each other.

This run was a tester for me, to see what it might feel like to run a half marathon. I figured, once I'd run 10 miles, tacking on another 3 miles wouldn't be so bad. I'm signing up for the Nike NYC Half which is at the end of July. Let's hope I get selected (it's registration by lottery) and you can come out and cheer for me!

Here's me, moments off the finish line, feeling tired, but happy. (And with complimentary carb-refueling agents in hand!)

If you are curious about my or overall results, click here. And if for whatever reason, you want to see the rest of the awkward running photos of me taken by Brightroom at the event, just click here!

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