24 May 2008

the market is alive with the smell of spring

By Wednesday of this week, I'd already been to the Union Square Greenmarket shortly after opening hour three times in one week. And I have to say, as I don't usually go that early, there really is something to be said for getting there in the early morning. All of the produce is glistening and beautifully displayed, not at all picked over or wilted, and the market is fairly quiet. Everything looks perfect and you want it all. I can't express enough how much I love going to the farmer's market, even when I don't buy anything, so if my reward for waking up early is getting to explore food, well, I am down with that. It's a happy way to start my day.

That being said, even though the weather has been a little too cold for my likes, springtime produce is here and in full-swing! Stored apples and potatoes are winding down, asparagus and ramps are still abundant, but probably not for much longer. First of the season strawberries and cherry tomatoes, lots and lots of herbs and baby greens and bitter greens, radishes, rhubarb and even some raspberries are brightening up the stalls.

And here in the Northeast we're in the middle of the very short fiddlehead fern season. Every year, I see them and honestly, while they are fascinating and quite beautiful visually, I get a little afraid of them, not sure why, maybe it's because they look a little alien. I just want someone to make them and put them in front of me to eat, so I can get over it. Well, I forget that I'm the more adventurous cook of most of the people in my social circle, so I figured it's up to me. So I did it. I bought them. I haven't cooked them yet, but be sure to check in a day or two to see what I created. No sense in getting anxious over a cute spiraled wild , right? I'd much rather be excited! Today I also picked up some yummy red spinach, baby head lettuce, and some fingerling potatoes.

So I implore you Stem+Leaf-ers to grab your canvas tote and get your booty over to the greenmarket and see what spring in your area has in store for you! Pick up something new, and tell me what you thought of it!

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