16 May 2008

greywater, anyone?

While I don't know a ton about greywater and sustainable water systems, I think whatever we can do to conserve water, keep polluting substances out of our lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans, is an a-plus idea! A friend of mine just passed this link for the Greywater Guerillas on to me, encouraged by a friend to begin focusing on water reclamation strategies.

Essentially, greywatering is simply recycling water and is akin to what those of you who've lived out in the country in old days may be familiar with-- saving dish and bath water for things like watering plants, flushing the toilet, etc. The website gives a lot of easy examples and explanations and even hosts workshops (mostly in California, it seems). They also discuss rainwater reclamation and composting toilets.

Maybe greywatering isn't for you, or isn't feasible just yet, but think about other ways you can support healthy water ecology and conserve water in general:
- Get a grip on leaky faucets and running toilets.
- Install a water-saving shower-head.
- Take shorter showers and limit the amount of baths you take.
- Don't let the water run when you wash your face or brush your teeth.
- Instead of keeping the water running while you wash dishes, fill a bowl or pot (ideally one that needs washing) with warm soapy water, and dip your dishes and sponge in there, getting all of the dishes rubbed down and then doing all the rinsing at the same time with cool water. I like to save the greasier or dirtier dishes for last so that I don't have to change the water.
- And I know not everyone is down with this, but when I can, I'm down with 'if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down.' Just keep the lid down, geez, it's no big deal.

If you have some more tips, by all means, post them in the comments!

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