22 April 2008

happy earth day!

I've had a button since I was a kid that says 'Every Day is Earth Day'. I really believe that. Just like any other celebratory or memorial holiday, it's good to have a day to focus on the Earth, our environments, and the repercussions of our actions, it's also important that every single day is an opportunity to make a difference. And I defy you to tell me that one person can't make a difference.

So as we are often inclined to make New Year's Resolutions, let's take this Earth Day opportunity to make some sort of green or environmental resolution(s) for ourselves. Need some examples?
- Carbon offset your travel, and electrical and gas usage
- Switch to eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaners, soaps, and detergents
- Install your home with CFLs
- Start a compost pile. Plant a garden. Plant a tree.
- Resolve to cut your plastic bag usage in half (at least!)
- Recycle everything and buy recycled goods.

Let me know what you come up with and keep me posted with how it's going.

Hug a tree today and enjoy the springtime!


SABS said...

What? Where'd my April Newsletter go? (Bc I love getting them and do in fact read them and the blog!)

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Aja Tahari Marsh said...

sabs! i am working on the newsletter-- i'm glad you are enjoying them! i've been having technical computer difficulties (my laptop where the newsletter bones i've been working on are saved) is in the shop. so it will be a delayed april newsletter, but look for it soon! :)

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