22 April 2008

bicycle parking in union square

While I was walking around Union Square today, I noticed this awesome bicycle parking 'lot' in front of the Barnes and Noble. I don't know if they're putting these up everywhere, when this was erected (I don't wander in front of B+N too often), or if this is just a tester. It doesn't hold a ton of bikes, but it's great that this is up! I also love that it's covered, and has a great big NYC bike map.

Add this to the newly paved and sectioned off bike lane on 9th Avenue, NYC is catching up with some of it's more international bike-friendly city counterparts. We still have a ways to go though...

Here's a cool and informative blog post about expanding bicycle parking in NYC and a New York Times article from earlier this year about a planned bicycle parking lot.

Oh, and NYC Bike Month is coming up in May. This may be the year I finally, finally get a bike. Think less, do more, right?

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