12 March 2008

recycle plastic caps at aveda - get free samples

You know the hard plastic caps that top your water bottles, detergent bottles, hair product bottles? Well, you may know to recycle the bottle, but you may not know this: the lids are not widely recyclable -- please don't include them in your curbside recycling bins! Recycling plants generally cut them off or, I've heard, thrown whole bottles away. These lopped off lids have been finding their way into rivers and oceans and into the mouths and bellies of sea animals.

But, from now through May 10th, Aveda is collecting these caps to be re-purposed in the release of their limited edition Clove Shampoo bottles this fall. Bring in 25 caps, get a free hair or body product sample. (Even if you don't scrounge up that many caps, they will take however few or many you have). Sounds good to me.

If you don't have an Aveda store near you, you can also mail them in here (though I don't know if you'll still get a free sample): Aveda Re-Cap Program, ACA Waste Services, 40 EADS Street in Babylon, NY 11704

I'm also happy to take the lids in for you, if you don't have the time! Let me know.

See the article in Shape Magazine, here.

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