18 February 2008

new hampshire, day 1

So I am finally here in snowy Lee, New Hampshire where filming is just beginning this evening. I have been here for a couple of days getting acclimated to the kitchen I'm using, as well as getting to know some of the core cast and crew. Everyone is really lovely and friendly and eager to be helpful. It's a cute and small farm town and everything is covered with a nice thick layer of snow, which looks so pretty from the windows and the roads. It's even fun to walk in. I hope to make a snow-creature soon!

This is a unique situation for me...namely, navigating steep driveways and stairways, which up until this afternoon, thanks to warm temperatures and rain, have been mostly coated in sheets of ice. Making for nerve-wracking treks with bags, boxes, and armloads of food. But so far, so good, the only mishap I've had was earlier today when I slipped and fell on a patch of ice while walking to the car. Luckily, I wasn't carrying anything at all. I always find it a bit comical to fall on the ice. It's very cartoonish, because your feet slip up from under you and fly into the air, as you fall on your butt.

Working on a film set in an old boarded up house can make for some interesting challenges-- most pertinently, heat, water, and electricity. Not to mention that a shoot schedule is a 12-hour workday, that for these first few days begin at 5pm. But the crew is working hard to make it a relatively comfortable and manageable situation for everyone involved, and I am hoping that warm food in everyone's bellies will keep them happy and hard at work.

The core of the organization putting on this production (Palehorse Productions) are all from this small town and as they are non-profit, are looking to cut costs at every turn and the community really has pulled through in a lot of ways-- including donating the bulk of the food that I'm using to cook the meals for the cast and crew of 20-25 over a 10-day period. It's really amazing and lovely.

Today's first meal ('lunch' at 4pm) was a simple green salad with veggies and a homemade carrot-miso dressing; steamed rice; and soy-glazed baked chicken and tofu.
For our 11pm dinner, I'm serving a melange of some leftovers of baked ziti, vegetarian with squash or non-veggie with Italian sausage, Mexican Chicken soup, and some cold cuts for sandwiches.

But as I left the set earlier, to come back to the house where I am staying and cooking to take a break before preparing dinner, I was observing all of the hubbub of excitement and anxiety of everyone involved, and it made me feel re-energized about taking on this project, and happy to be involved with something so unique and special.

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