17 January 2008

starbucks, organic milk, and cow hormones, oh my!

From a consumer perspective, I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks, even though they are better than a lot of other big corporations. (But, please, support your local coffee shops and other businesses!) And from a health perspective, I'm certainly not a fan of over-caffeinating the masses with silly sounding sugar-laden concoctions masquerading themselves as coffee. Hmm, did that sound bitter?

So right, Starbucks, who best as I can tell, has been offering organic milk at a premium price in their stores, is now taking all of their 'conventional' dairy products to the next level and it will now all be rBGH-free. This commonly administered hormone increases milk production in dairy cows, and is something I would definitely recommend steering clear from. Sounds great, huh? But it's also at the expense of Starbucks no longer offering organic milk in their stores. They say it's because the organic milk presented an option to customers who wanted to avoid the hormone-ridden milk products. Organic milk is about more than just the absence of hormones, but goes further and doesn't include any milk that comes from cows who have been administered antibiotics, the cows must be fed organic feed, and the cows are more likely to be better-treated than in conventional dairy farms. And while I'm not really a milk drinker myself, I buy only organic dairy products whenever I need them.

I just came across this great website that rates the organic dairy producers in the U.S., maybe it will come in handy in your explorations.

See the Treehugger.com blog on the Starbucks milk subject here.

P.S. If you often find yourself at Starbucks or another fill 'er up hotspot, take your own reusable travel mug. You'll often get a discount, or more for your money, and then your share of the paper/plastic cups, cozies, and plastic lids madness will be reduced or eliminated altogether!

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Jef said...

Living in Central Austin, I am so lucky to enjoy the plethora of locally-owned coffee shops here! My drink of choice is Hibiscus Iced Tea. The environment at Epoch Coffee Shop (on North Loop and Chesterfield--North Hyde Park area) is so relaxing.

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