16 January 2008

Chef Aja T. Marsh News - January Newsletter

Happy New Year!
2008 is going to be a fabulous year. I can just feel it.
Already it's getting off to a pretty interesting start. I am in New York City for most of January, picking up some work, making new connections, and setting some wheels in motion for the months ahead. Coming up, I'll be doing catering and some behind-the-scenes documenting on a friends' movie in New Hampshire in February, and have a few other exciting projects in the works you'll be hearing more about soon. I'm also planning this year to completely offset my carbon emissions and continue to travel more with my work.

As we begin to re-emerge from the post-holiday haze, all of these ideas of what we 'should' or 'want' to be doing begin to appear. And while I've never really been one to make resolutions, throughout the year I do continuously set new goals for myself and go to work on them. If your own New Year's resolutions include trying to be a healthier you, don't feel pressured to have to make an immediate, drastic transition. Gradual and simple steps make a huge difference in the long run, without putting too much stress on your in the 'now.' Do one little thing each week, or each month, and you'll be well on your way!

- If you are seeking to be more active, first start with incorporating more movement in your every day-- take a walk after dinner, use the stairs when possible, don't use your remote controls.
- Want to eat healthier? Be a label-reader and cut out things like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (trans fats), and artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, etc.). And make an effort to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains into your diet.
- Stay hydrated. Drink water continuously through the day-- I find the bigger the glass, the more I will drink, so I often carry around a 36 oz. bottle everywhere I go. If you consume caffeine regularly, you'll need to drink a bit more water to stay properly hydrated, so have a glass of water along side your morning coffee.
- When spending down time with friends or family, plan to bond while doing a healthy activity-- something silly like roller skating or bowling, making a healthy meal together and watching a movie, or trying something new like yoga.
- Feeling tired? Eating regular wholesome meals and snacks, as well as getting regular exercise can do wonders for your energy levels. Watching TV right before bed can make for a shallower, less satisfying sleep, and not getting enough sleep (7-8 hours is ideal for most people) weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to viruses and allergies.
- And there are other things that nourish us aside from food, water, and exercise. Making and taking the time to laugh, smile, share love is so important to your emotional well-being, as is setting aside time for you. Feeling good in mind will have you feeling good in body.

Cooking Class: Introduction to Healthy Eating (Austin)
Friday, February 1st, 6:30-9:30pm

Website Update: The galleries have new photos!

Guest Blogger Opportunity: I am looking for interested individuals to write guest blogs for Stem+Leaf about green and healthy-lifestyle related subjects, from your own perspective. No need to be an experienced writer-- just enthusiastic with something to say! Please contact me for more information.

Be well, today and every day!

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