27 January 2008

austin to phase out blue recycling bins in favor of sortless carts

The City of Austin just announced its plan to expand what's currently recyclable through the city and a new plan to phase out the small blue bins put out weekly in favor of using 90-gallon carts to be put out every other week. In these large carts, recyclables would not need to be sorted.

While this decision presents a concern small households and seniors living alone, as the large carts are bulky and heavy, even when empty, I think it's will encourage increased recycling in many households, and it will also save the city money on fuel for the trucks. And because the trucks will have the ability to mechanically lift and unload the carts, it will better protect the physical health of waste management employees.

El Paso and San Antonio are already using systems like this.

Read the whole story in The Austin American Statesman here.

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