02 December 2007

Texas seeking to adopt CFLs as State Light Bulb

A few days ago five mayors from major Texas cities met to discuss pushing replacing traditional light bulbs with the more energy efficient, and overall more cost effective compact fluorescent bulbs.

With the exception of Austin, Texas isn't especially well known for being environmentally proactive, but considering the amount of land it covers and the number of citizens it harbors, I'm glad to see it making a simple step in the right direction.

Switching your incandescent bulbs to CFLs is a great way to conserve energy and save money in the long-term on your electricity bills. The average bulb lasts about 6 years and expend up to 75% less energy than a regular bulb. I recently switched all of the lamps in the house to CFLS and have found they seem a bit brighter than their incandescent equivalents. I also really like them because of their funky, swirly look, which turns it into a neat design piece!

Here's the Austin American-Statesman's article.

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