21 December 2007

Healthy Holiday Tips!

With the holidays in full swing, we might find ourselves struggling to keep our hands out of the cookie jar, pie plates, and cake stands. Or we might just be too busy to bother to eat well! Hey, I'm guilty of this as much as anyone! I think it's great to treat yourself to some 'naughty' foods and enjoy all kinds of tasty treats-- sweet and savory-- this time of year, but it can quickly out of hand—leading to guilt induced new year's resolutions that don't stick. When you find yourself at holiday parties, dinners, and other events, there are a few easy tips you can employ to help stay healthy during the times of temptation.
- Eat very small portions, or just take one or two bites, if you are interested in trying several different items. Take the time to savor those small bits, and you will feel just as satisfied.
- Resist the urge to eat until you're about to burst. This will only make you feel bloated, fatigued, and make your body work harder than necessary to process it all.
- Even on days where you know a big meal is imminent, plan to eat a regular breakfast, lunch, and snack, so that you don't over-do it come dinner time.
- If possible, encourage your hosts to include healthy offerings such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or, even better, bring a healthy dish to contribute to the feast!
- Keep to your normal routine as much as you can-- take time to workout several times a week, eat healthy home-cooked meals, and be sure to take time for yourself to rest.

These tips were also posted on the Ladies Who Launch blog.
(Ladies Who Launch is an excellent international women's networking group that I am a part of. They have groups in cities across the country.)

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