19 December 2007

austin whole foods put a ban on plastic bags

Serving as a test-market for their other stores worldwide, Austin area Whole Foods stores are no longer offering plastic bags at check out. Encouraging customers to purchase a reusable canvas bag or inexpensive and cute bags made of recycled plastic bottles. I'm really excited about this, and already have a few of these bags, and have of course, been taking my canvas totes with me when I go shopping for a long while now. Most Whole Foods and Central Market stores now have bins where you can recycle your plastic bags, produce bags, and plastic film, so don't throw them out!

The city of Austin is also working to, in 2008, have all major retailers in the city voluntarily reduce or eliminate the use of plastic bags, following the lead of green-friendly cities like San Francisco.

I think it's great that Whole Foods and Austin are taking these steps that will hopefully influence policies throughout the state and the country! Even if your local stores aren't involved in these progressive policies, you can easily do your part by bringing your own reusable bags when you shop or bringing in old plastic or paper bags to be reused when you go shopping! Take it a step further by encouraging your local retailers to be more eco-friendly, to use less unnecessary packaging, and to care for the environment and their communities!

Read the whole story in the Austin American-Statesman online.

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