19 November 2007

guest blog: momma's got a brand new (shopping) bag

This, the first in a series of monthly guest blogs, is written by my Mom, Silvia, about her own journey into 'healthier lifestyle enlightenment'. Please contact me if you are interested in writing a topical guest blog.

At my age, being a mother of children in their 20’s, all of those 'eat healthy' and 'go green' statements can be quite confusing because we tend to think that we are stuck in our way of thinking, unable to make changes in the way we live and/or eat. However, I am happy to say that I have made significant changes and feel great! I can’t really say what got me going, other than I started noticing more books and articles on healthy eating and related health issues, seeing reports of tainted foods on the news; and the biggest influence was my daughter who was going to a culinary school specializing in healthy foods. The more I read, the more convicted I became to change.

I suffer from a chronic disease and my husband has a heart condition, so I felt that any changes I made would benefit both of our health. I have always been a pretty good eater so I don’t feel I had to establish completely alien eating. My husband, on the other hand, was a horrible eater. I knew any changes I made for myself would eventually filter over, and I started with small changes for myself and slowly removed pork from my diet, then beef and chicken.

This summer I decided to completely quit eating meat altogether. Mostly, I did it to see how long I would last-- and I'm still going! It was made easier with the markets full of awesome produce. Who can resist all those watermelons, plums, peaches and berries? Not only does my whole body feel better, but all the problems I used to have with my digestive system are gone-- I have more energy and never feel bloated. My hairdresser tells me my hair has gotten thicker and my skin looks great. I've even lost weight and inches too! There are times when I want a burger or a taco and I’ll go for it, but my body quickly tells me I shouldn’t have-- and I pay for it later. It’s amazing how quickly our bodies get used to eating ‘good-for-you’ foods and quickly let us know when we eat foods that are too rich, too salty, too sweet, too processed.

In this transitioning, I have completely changed my husband’s eating habits. He is has been good about tasting all the new and different dishes I put in front of him, and is eating a lot healthier. He has even surprised himself: he was eating homemade chocolate tofu pudding and couldn’t believe it wasn’t his favorite Jell-o pudding! (I myself could never be persuaded to try tofu, however, this summer I tried a deliciously tasty baked tofu!) And while he does eat some meat, he doesn’t eat much, and even then it's turkey or pork, and we both enjoy fish. I’m making my own hummus to snack on with fresh veggies and keeping a jar of fresh made granola on the counter, which we all grab whenever we get the munchies! My friends and family have come to understand that if they come to my home, I won’t be offering them meat dishes, soda or processed foods-- instead, they get freshly made delicious dishes.

We are creatures of habit, and I have found that we can all create new habits that are better for us. I started buying healthier versions of food I’ve always liked by shopping at Whole Foods and try to get my fruits and vegetables from my local farmer’s market. Eating this way, I have discovered how sweet fresh foods are on their own, and have found that whole and fresh foods taste better and need very little seasoning to enjoy their true taste. Just today, I had a baked sweet potato that was so sweet I thought my daughter had put sugar on it, and I ate the whole thing-- and I don't like sweet potatoes. However, she told me that she hadn’t put anything on it.

So if you find yourself wanting to make some changes, I would recommend you start with small steps. Try cutting your meat intake in half: try tofu, beans, or eggs for protein. Eat fresh produce instead of canned.Stop drinking soda and drink more water! Eat whole wheat breads and pastas. And have you every had freshly ground peanut butter? Better yet, my favorite, fresh almond butter! Yummy! Visit a farmers' markets or Whole Foods on a Saturday and you can sample a variety of free samples-- it gives you a chance to try new things without having to commit to actually buying them.

Once you start making some changes, you will find that your taste buds and your body will automatically crave healthier foods. I’m still making changes into my life and not as scared of change since I’ve been seeing so many positive results. I’ve started incorporating 'green' lifestyle changes as well-- saving industrial energy by shopping locally, bringing my own bags when I shop (groceries, Target, everywhere!), and recycling as much as possible-- I feel good about helping the environment and supporting local farmers and businesses.

Take it from someone who felt that making these changes would be hard-- I have actually enjoyed the process. I feel better and am having fun discovering new foods, new recipes and establishing new taste buds. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks never fed that dog fresh ground almond butter!

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